Boriz Handcrafted Pistol Grips 1911 Officer Merbau Redwood Checkered Diamond
Boriz Handcrafted Pistol Grips 1911 Officer Merbau Redwood Checkered Diamond

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Merbau Rosewood 1911 Officer Handmade Grips

About The Wood:

This wood has excellent strength characteristics, along with excellent stability, making it ideally suited for use as wood flooring and other applications where strength is important.

Distribution: Southeast Asia, western Pacific islands, and Australia

Average Dried Weight: 51 lbs/ft3 (815 kg/m3)

Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .68, .82

Janka Hardness: 1,840 lbf (7,620 N)

Modulus of Rupture: 21,060 lbf/in2 (145.2 MPa)

Elastic Modulus: 2,310,000 lbf/in2 (15.93 GPa)

Crushing Strenghth: 10,650 lbf/in2 (73.4 MPa)

Color/Appearance: Has an orangish-brown color when freshly cut, which ages to a darker reddish-brown. Color between boards can be highly variable. There are also small yellow mineral deposits found throughout the wood, making it easier to separate from other lookalikes. (These yellow deposits are water-soluble and can cause staining.)

Grain/Texture: Grain is straight to interlocked. Texture is coarse, with a moderate natural luster.

Pricing/Availability: Offered sporadically, lumber is usually sold in ample widths and lengths when available. Prices should be moderate for an imported hardwood.

Lifetime Warranty:

Congratulations on obtaining or considering our Wood products. This warranty ensures that you will continue to be a satisfied customer long after your purchase. Our items are warranted against defect in material and craftsmanship. Warranty does not apply to unreasonable use, misuse or negligence, HOWEVER DOES COVER normal wear and tear, including scratches. The warranty does not cover acts of nature to our products, including but not limited to: natural disasters, winds, earthquakes, fire, etc. We warrant the original owner. We reserve the right to review the item/s before replacement. If the damage falls under the warranty, we will provide an equivalent GRIP at no extra charge. The new item may not precisely match the previous one in texture, or finish due to the uniqueness of each piece. Labor for removal of grip and installation of replacement and freight charges aren't covered by the warranty. There is a $25 Shipping & Handling Charge. To validate a warranty claim, Owner must have original proof of purchase. Lifetime warranty applies for personal use only (Commercial use is restricted to a 1 year warranty). For any other warranty questions or concerns please contact us. Thank you for making our products a part of your collection.

How It's Made:

We pride our self on providing ultra quality Wood Grips made with American standards for this Gun enthusiast that demand only the best. You not only get the Grips, they also come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY that puts your mind at ease. Our Grips are hand made from the finest quality of wood available that meet all your gun needs. Please be aware that all of our grips have a finish that is by nature uneven and variable in color and pattern. We offer these products with the view that these variations are part of the character, and do not constitute defects. Grips are made using Merbau Rosewood and Any detail is 100% Handmade. Our Grips are standard size and will fit all 1911 Officer Size Guns, cut by professional native craftsmen of a small Village in Eastern Philippines. Rest assure that our warrnty firmly states the quality of grips you are purchasing.

Refund Policy:

All requests for a refund must be received within 30 calender days of the delivery date. Please be sure to inspect your items thoroughly upon arrival. Although rare, occasionally freight companies may mishandle our packages and cause minor damage. A replacement, or a full refund can be issued if we are notified within 30 days after delivery date.

Support Handmade Crafts:

We believe in rewarding artisans around the world by purchasing their products and creating a market for them. Some of these artisans are in very remote areas of the globe where it would be merely impossible for their crafts to be promoted on a global scale without the power of the Internet. Thanks to your contribution and our desire to find Talented individuals they are able to convert their skills into a healthy cash flow.

About The 1911 Officer Pistol:

The Colt Officer's ACP or Colt Officer's Model is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and recoil-operated handgun based on the John M. Browning designed M1911. It was introduced in 1985 as a response from Colt to numerous aftermarket companies making smaller versions of the M1911 pistol. In 1975, Rock Island Arsenal developed a compact 1911 it called the "General Officer's Model Pistol" for issue to general officers of the US Army and Air Force, but the pistol was unavailable for sale to the general public. The following year, Pat Yates of Detonics had introduced his compact "Combat Master", a chopped down 1911, with 3.5" barrel and a shortened grip frame. Seeing the popularity of these compact pistols, other pistolsmiths began offering similar conversions on customers' 1911s. The 1911 Officer is made by various Manufacturers including: Rock Island Armory, Smith & Wessen, Kimber, Colt, Springfield, Wilson Combat,Taurus, Ruger, Nighthawk, Para-Ordnance, Remington, Sig Sauer, and Ed Brown. Officers Size grips fit compact 1911s with approx. 3 inch barrels and short magazines. The distance between the screw holes is approximately 2 5/8 inches.

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